Now you can buy TLD tokens on pre-sale. At the moment is the lowest price of TLD Tokens, buy now and wait for listing on exchanges! And buying now you contributing for the further development of TaLiDa Project. To buy TLD you need to have BNB in your wallet. Immediately after purchase you will receive TLD Tokens to your wallet. All transaction security is assured by a smart contract.

Go to our site to check it and buying some tokens.

(You should using Metamask extension/browser or Trust wallet browser)

TLD Smart Contract is: 0x1a37e9d9de5126976dff98a3b711d8289c7867a1

Name: TaLiDa

Symbol: TLD

Decimals: 18

We are happy to announce TaLiDa Token listing on platform on 24 june

TaLiDa announcement:

🎉 Announcing TLD WhitePaper

✅Go to our site to check it:

Join TaLiDa Token Airdrop. TLD has all advantages to be called one of the best for investments !

To get 100 TLD for free go to our site: then click to “Get Free TLD Token” Then fill the form

After listing TLD on exchanges, you will get 100TLD on your wallet.

TaLiDa Token

TaLiDa Token is a Token based on Binance Smart Chain, with high security, low fees, fast transaction and eco friendly. One of the best for investissement.

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